Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My favorite Web 2.0


I perfer to  introduce a fashionable web 2.0 application is Tumblr. It is a kind of Micro-blog like Twitter and Weibo, but there has many difference from both of them. Firstly, Tumblr is an "show off" product.Thus, the interface of Thumblr is pretty good and very friendly. Secondly, Thumblr has realize the improtantances of collect and social  functions in Web 2.0's life. Addtionally, most of blog-user doesn't need write a lot of words to describle their daily life, due to the younger generation pefer to choose a picture to show it. That is a advantage of Tumblr application. It is noticeable that Tumblr is very easy to sign up, through the test by myself, if you have an avaiable e-mail address, the process doesn't needs 30 seconds.

Search Tips


Google is my first choice to search information online when I want to get information. I would like to use key words to search by Google. If I cannot get inforomation which I want to retrieve, I will use advanced search engine. By this way,  I can add some specific needs to search. search as author, date and publisher etc. It is more efficiency. Furthermore, It can be used some symbols , such as "+" and "-", to improve exact searching.

Key words
Adds symbol

Monday, 11 November 2013

Information Types


You are possible to find many different types of infomation. Personally, I would like to read paper books. If I wirte academic essay, I will go to library to search some academic artices, reprot and survey etc. Whilst, sometimes I can stay at home to search e-books in university library website or other websites. E-books have multiple forms, such as word form, PDF form and HTLM form etc. I prefer to use PDF. If I just have a rest to read books, I will read some novels  and fables.  I also read some news and magazine at home. I like to read.


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Information Universe

I have to prepare my Test Essay that named “Is Google all you need?” this week. At first, I went to information common to search some relevant books. Unfortunately, no available books are in library at the moment. So that, I try my best to search academic articles online by Google scholar and other network library tools (StarPlus and ScienceDirect). I think using search engines is a useful way to write academic writing.

The 7 pillars

As we can see from these 7 pillars of information literacy, our group think that we are good at present pillar and present is our weakest pillar.


 We can get information which we want through many different types method. For example, I had a test essay about academic writing one week ago. I chose Google scholar to gain academic information online. Moreover, I also went to libraries and find information by books. I am good at searching information through these two methods as I always know my searching purpose and usually used it before. Whilst I am weak in present, especially in English due to the second language. One of the most difficult part  is how to organize materials and express it clearly.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The life of Sheffield (Team J)

I have been living in Sheffield since I studied in ELTC in May. I was interested in everything of this city when I was first time to come here. My life has changed a lot. I went to school by bike, while I can’t ride bicycle in Sheffield as the city was built on the mountain. Therefore, I had to walk to school per day. It is ok! It is good for keeping healthy, and there are many plants surrounding the whole city, I would like to enjoy the nature and breathe the fresh air in the way to school. Moreover, there are totally different between British food and Chinese food. Chinese food is hot and spicy, but British food is sweet. Fish and Chips  is my favourite local food. I love Sheffield now.

Review of Team I

We think the appearence of their blog is fabeulous. There are also many interesting topics in the blog. For example, They shared their own experiences about study or lives in sheffield, it is goog for communicating with each other.